Fantastic video shared by ‘Musings of a Kitchen Witch’. Every OBODy currently working on the element of fire must watch this. You will learn stuff!

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Blessing of Fire

May the blessings of fire be upon you, A blazing torch to light your path, A flaming sword to protect and defend you, The glowing sunlight to shine on you and warm your heart.

– blessing from a Pagan handfasting ceremony

(via The Blessing Files)

If water is the element of flow, and earth is the element of deep stillness, then fire is the element of action…

Fire burns, it consumes, it incinerates, it destroys.  But it also warms, illuminates, ignites, and cleanses.  Fire is an element of action, the will, passion, sex, anger, desire, energy, work, purification, destruction, strength, protection, change, and rebirth.  Fire is the crucible in which we are tested and transformed.  Fire isn’t just flame, but the the lava bursting forth from the earth, the magma welling beneath it, the furnace of our sun and all the stars in the sky, and…

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