Doing the Work

Beautiful meditation by Grace, of the Yew, Oak & Apple blog.

Yew, Oak, & Apple

It is putting one foot before the other that crosses
the sea. One step, one stroke of the oar, one wave
breaking over your head. It is the loss
of every precious thing you tried to save
but couldn’t hold. It is the opening out
of every hidden flow into the gaze
of those you’d love to love you. It’s the shout
that breaks from you when lightning blazes
from feet to skull and shatters the fragile eggshell
of the life you thought you wanted. It is the day
you wake up knowing the well is dry, the knell
of a dream ending. This is the only way.

The journey unfolds one step, one breath at a time
And though I drown, I won’t forsake what’s mine.

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