Samhain Reflections

Leonard Moss L- J-
Edith Valerie L-
Sean Joseph H-
Margaret H-
Hannah H-
Dennis (Denny) John Michael H-
Neil (Neily) H-
Patrick (Paddy) O’ S-
Benjy L-
Susan M-
Mody E-

Full names will be on my (locked) Facebook page tomorrow.

Rowan cross made and ready to hang. Ancestor shrine set up. Apotropaic apples carved, because I cannot manage turnips (and you should see their cute little wizened faces). Juniper incense ready. Hazelnut oil purchased. Supplies lined up for the divination I want to do, and magic if I have time. Tomorrow I buy decent whiskey and see if I can collect a bit of yew, and we’re good to go.

Wishing you a blessed November Eve.

Thank you for the days,
Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me
I’m thinking of the days
I won’t forget a single day, believe me
And though you’re gone
You’re with me every single day, believe me…

Days, Kirsty MacColl

Oh, the girls from the Banóg
In sorrow may retire
And the piper and his bellows
May go home and blow the fire
Since Johnny, lovely Johnny
Went sailing o’er the main
Along with other patriots
To fight the king of Spain

Bantry Girls’ Lament

Now after the battle has won and corpses cleared away, the Morrigu, daughter of Ernmas, proceeded to proclaim that battle and the mighty victory which had taken place, to the royal heights of Ireland and to its fairy hosts and its chief waters and its river mouths. And hence it is that Badb (i.e.,the Morrigu) also describes high deeds. “Hast thou any tale?” said everyone to her then. And she replied:

Peace up to heaven
Heaven down to earth
Earth under heaven
Strength in every one…

Then moreover she was prophesying the end of the world, and foretelling every evil that would be therein, and every disease and every vengeance. Wherefore then she sang this lay below:

I shall not see a world that will be dear to me
Summer without flowers
Kine will be without milk,
Women without modesty,
Men without valor,
Captures without a king,
Woods without mast,
Sea without produce,
Wrong judgments of old men,
False precedents of lawyers,
Every man a betrayer,
Every boy a reaver
An evil time!
Son will deceive his father,
Daughter will deceive her mother.

– trans. Whitley Stokes, The Second Battle of Moytura, 1891

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