Pagan Tea Time Invitation


We’ve been without internet here for the past two weeks, thanks to a screw-up by BT – hence the lack of posting here. This has been distressing. Apparently I’m rather addicted to the ‘instant’ internet culture – instant knowledge, instant communication, instant entertainment. It’s actually been quite good for me to have to pick up books for research again… Slow research!

But I hope to have proper internet back tomorrow (bashing on my wooden desk here). And after that, I’d love to take part in Pagan Tea Time with anyone who reads my blog and wants to join me in a cuppa over Skype. Comment below, and I’ll let you know my Skype details. I can do video or text chat – whatever works for you. We can also set up a Google Hangout if that’s easier for you. I’d love to chat to people who see things differently from me, especially those who are on a different Pagan path from me. Tea! Join me!

11 thoughts on “Pagan Tea Time Invitation

  1. This is lovely :-). I’d love to join you for tea and chat! Text works best for me – the mic on my computer doesn’t work. Since I’m home with the kids at the moment pretty much any time suits me so I can work around your schedule.

    • Excellent! How are weekdays for you? Morning your time will be afternoon mine… I don’t have your email through your comment, for some reason, so email me at sophia8catherine at gmail dot com, and I’ll give you my Skype details.

    • Yep, the trend started by Patheos. Next week is fine if that’s better, and I’m probably going to continue into March, so that I can catch everyone! I’m around in the daytime if that works for you – being a work-from-home type. :)

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