Call to help the Bees

In the vein of ‘Druids against Fracking’, a proposed magical action to help against Tuesday’s cabinet discussion. The discussion is about whether to allow banned pesticides to be used in the UK, pesticides which have been scientifically demonstrated to be harmful to bees. If you can get to the protest, go, and do direct action – but for those of us who can’t, and who do environmentally-driven magic, this is a fantastic idea. I’ll be taking part.

Echoes and Bones

The UK government is debating an exemption for certain types of pesticides If they decide yes this will be devastating for bees and much other Uk wildlife. Here are several links with information:

Syngenta seeks ‘emergency’ exemption to use banned insecticide on UK crops

Government considers neonicotinoid derogation request


Global Report on ‘Neonicotinoid Disaster’ a ‘Wake-Up Call’ to Save the Bees, say Groups

The meeting about this on Tuesday and I was wondering if any magic users who this is important to and has the energy for it could do some magic for Bee protection and/or to influence the cabinet to deny the exemption.

If this goes through according to the Farmers Guardian:

Even if the UK grants the emergency authorisation the European Commission could then propose to amend or withdraw the authorisation, a proposal that would then be voted on by member states.


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