A Brighid Devotional

The Brighidine flamekeepers of the Cauldron Cill have published a new anthology of devotional writing for Brighid. I have a contribution in there (although I’m not part of the Cill). Check out the links below – the devotional is available free in PDF form, or can be bought as a physical book. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and I’ll be buying a copy.

Now available from the Brigidine flamekeepers of the Cauldron Cill on ecauldron.com:

The Cauldron Cill Brighid Devotional

A collection of essays, poetry, art, meditations and photography in honor of the Celtic goddess Brighid.

Hardcover Version – with beautiful full-color images: $29.53
Paperback Version – in black and white: $3.79

3 thoughts on “A Brighid Devotional

  1. I shared this resource with an friend in Massachusetts who is an Episcopal nun named Sr Brigit, but i call her Brigie. She has a few retreat days coming up and is going to use it to frame her retreat and devotional time. She is most grateful and is looking forward to her exploration with Brighid/Brigit. I look forward to delving as well. Thank you from both of us.

  2. Many thanks for the link the download, going through now. I really like the idea of people getting together and creating a group devotional work for a deity. This is something I’d like to see more of amongst polytheists, although I guess there’s a risk of disagreements if everybody’s not on the same wave length?

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