The door opens first in the Otherworld.

Through coincidences and not-coincidences, through thoughts and compulsions that you can’t shake, through a strong desire for justice, the gods show you the open door. But you have to choose to walk through – and it won’t stay open forever.

And once you’re through, it closes behind you.

You’re in the liminal world now. You can never go back to that place of innocence, that veil of ignorance. Sometimes you might wish you could. Mostly, you’ll be appalled at yourself for not knowing what was on the other side of the door. For only seeing things the way they seemed to be, in the comfortable garden, not the way they really are, out in the wild.

But that’s why the door is there. So that you can step through.

My friend and priest, Cat, taught us on her ‘Learning Druidry’ course to see the other side of the story. To step through the door, and see the way things are on the other side. That can be harder Work than you ever thought work could be. It can make you deeply unpopular. It can mean getting into situations where you might go too far, where you might be wrong, where you might be unhelpful. We all make mistakes, at the beginning of the journey, before we know the lay of the land and the direction of the path.

And it can mean getting lost, confused, frightened, and being alone in the dark.

But once you’ve stepped through the door, everything changes.


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  1. I know this wasn’t written for me and my personal circumstances but the first part of it in particular speaks very deeply to me. Incredibly apt words for me right now. Thanks :)

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