My Goddess has a Sense of Humour: Random thoughts of the day*

IMG_20150401_084035Asking Her why I feel blocked in a particular situation led to: my need for a miracle (the Star), the suggestion that I do a deal with the Devil, the Empress and Emperor side by side (Beara looking the Christian god in the face, hand on hips, going “Is she yours or mine?”), and the Hermit (me, getting in the way of myself). That’s all a pretty good picture of how I’m feeling at the moment.

The above picture shows the Battlestar Galactica tarot deck I’m working on. It’s not finished, but I already adore it. I’m currently working on Wands, which are a difficult suit to start with. Lots of Gaius Baltar, for some reason. I also want to start on a Narnia oracle deck soon. That should be easier: grab the characters, let them speak.

On an entirely different note: I was just discussing April Fools with another person with Asperger’s, on twitter. We agreed that we rather hate it. Tell us something and we’ll believe you. Why wouldn’t we?! Metaphor. I find it difficult.

What I’m reading at the moment: Devoted ed. by Alkistis Dimech (wonderful), When God Talks Back: Understanding the American Evangelical Relationship with God by Tanya Luhrmann (also very good, though I keep forgetting it among all the other things I’m reading), The Poet’s Ogam by John-Paul Patton, Lived Religion: Faith and Practice in Everyday Life by Meredith McGuire (excellent) and The Druid’s Primer by Luke Eastwood (review to follow as soon as I finish it). I want to write more book reviews at this ‘ere blog, so let me know if you’d like me to share my thoughts on any of the above.

In pain and illness news: Things are really quite bad at the moment. I can’t do much with my right arm (too much sitting at the computer typing – what’s a postgrad student to do?) and my lower back is all messed up as usual. I’m pondering how these things relate to embodied spirituality, at the moment. I’m learning so much from my participants, whose bodies frame and contain their spiritual lives much more than mine does.

In otheIMG_20150401_102627r news: Dilly Cat!

This is a shot I took lying on the floor alongside the bed in my office. She likes ‘under the bed’ a lot at the moment. But she’s willing to come out for cuddles when it’s quiet.

*I’m hoping ‘Random thoughts of the day’ posts will be a new series here. You will be hearing more pointless ramblings from my life. Rejoice.

6 thoughts on “My Goddess has a Sense of Humour: Random thoughts of the day*

  1. I already love that deck! You’ve absolutely nailed those Major Arcana cards. Narnia has materialised in my divinatory landscape recently: I realised that a system of divination I was using – guided meditations based on the Preiddeu Annwn, voyaging by sea to the ‘caeri’ – was hugely linked, in my inner landscape, with the Voyages of the Dawn Treader :)

    Random thoughts of the day is a very good thing! I look forward to more. In the meantime, I hope your back gets better.

  2. Hello, Dilly cat!

    I hope your arm and back and more cooperative and less painful soon! And I agree with you on April Fools- I don’t have Asperger’s but I do have a literal streak, and the gags and head-games drive me up the wall.

  3. Dilly cat is adorable. I’ve been wondering about similar embodied spirituality issues too, and what to do when the urge is to retreat into my head rather than occupy my body at all, for whatever reasons.

  4. Love the fact you have created a BSG deck! I’ll be willing to send healing your way if you want it. 😊

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