31 Days of Offerings – Day 2: What’s the Offering?


Photo: offerings at a shrine incl candles & milk

Second day, and I’m already starting to realise that there’s a big question mark around what the offering is each day.

31 Days of Offerings(1)

Today the offering wasn’t the milk and incense. It wasn’t the candlelight. It wasn’t even the piece of writing that my day unfolded around – not exactly.

It was the… bravery? No, not quite that. The risk and adventure of it, the submission to the forces of chaos and creation, of knowing that writing (and publishing) the post was a massive risk and being unbelievably scared, and still doing it. The spirit of creation, Cailleach Bhéarra-style – the chaos that dies down to reveal transformation and new possibilities. Standing in the way of the hurricane and seeing what happens next.

A goddess of the land doesn’t need the things she’s already created (as much as she sometimes appreciates the effort). I think maybe she’s more interested in what I can create, and co-create with her.

I think it’s going to be an interesting month.

Photo: turbulent waves on the West Cork shore. By Eoin Milner.

Photo: waves on the West Cork shore. By Eoin Milner.

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Offerings – Day 2: What’s the Offering?

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  2. Illuminating stuff!
    The idea of the actual offering possibly being something different from what was originally intended – and the importance of just turning up – really chimes with my experience. Sometimes lighting the incense, or pouring the milk, or enacting the ritual, is not so much the offering as the creation of the conditions in which you can more fully understand of the dynamic of that moment: what it is that you can really offer, and why, and how.

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