31 Days of Offerings – Day 15: Wise Justice and the Authentic Self

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The Ogham fid I’ve been pondering during this week’s offerings has been nGéadal, which I associate with wounded healers.


Something has clicked in my head between the concept of the wounded healer, and the idea of living as a more authentic version of myself. Brighid, as the goddess of wise justice, has started to become associated with this idea in my head.

The wounded healer is an interesting archetype in mythology, especially if you read the lame smith that way (hail Wayland Smith, hail Hephaestus). Other legendary healers are flawed. Healing (which is not the same as cure – it’s much more interesting than that) can come from deep knowledge of pain, from exploration of the darkest corners of the universe.

For quite a few years I tried to be quiet about my struggles, and about oppression and social justice, trying to keep those parts of my life separate from my Paganism (as though spirituality can ever be separate from other parts of our lives, and especially not from issues of justice). But that leads to an inauthenticity that can be suffocating.

I fight a lot of battles in my life. More than that, though, I choose my battles (and reject many more). I can’t fight them all… but I have to fight some, or I will let the darkness overcome me. And then I’ll be no good to anyone. The question is how to be wise with the choices of battles, and authentic and true to myself and my values in the process.

What is a wounded healer, and how can she be true to herself without drowning? And is this, too, an offering?

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Offerings – Day 15: Wise Justice and the Authentic Self

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  2. moving to the bay area and getting to be around members of coru cathbodua and solar cross made me realize just how much of a disservice i was doing to my gods by trying to somehow keep them distant from my fight against oppression. it’s one of those things that could never be kept out fully, but i also never really gave thought to how they might interact and what that would look like and how beneficial it would be in all aspects of my life if i let them. now i’m need to figure out the whole ‘chose my battles’ thing cuz i’m awful at that.

    and that wounded healer thing? i looooove that. i’ve been needing that term in my life and would love to hear you talk about it more. thank you for this <3

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