You know me? You don’t know me

In time for St Patrick’s and my week of run-up to Latha na Callich (the Day of the Scottish Calleach) on 25th March, I’m reblogging this reflection on making new stories/new rituals from old that I wrote last year. The pre-Christian Irish don’t seem to have celebrated the Spring Equinox, but there’s plenty to celebrate this time of year – from traditional Irish days, to Scottish echoes of a goddess who may be a little like mine, and on into the spring/summer saints’ days of the goddesses I call the Three Ladies of Beara. Blessings of Spring. Happy St Patrick’s Day.

Treasure in Barren Places

I am not a reconstructionist.

There. I said it. I feel better now, I think.

I was strongly drawn to reconstructionism in the beginning. It seems so academic. (The fact that most academics would find what reconstructionists do rather… inaccurate and confusing, is an entirely different issue.) It seems so clear. Got questions about a deity? The answers are out there, waiting to be uncovered by (usually amateur) archeologists/linguists/folklorists/mythicists.

Except they aren’t. And I feel, increasingly, that this is not a way to do religion or spirituality.

I love looking for clues in the stories of the land. My deities can all be spotted there, or at least, shadows of them – including Baoi (Beara), Dovinia/Duibhne (of the Corca Dhuibhne people), and the Three Sisters (Lasair, Latiaran and Gobnait-who-is-sometimes-Inghean Buidhe-or-sometimes she’s-one-of-the-others-and-sometimes-she’s-Crobh-Derg). But they are, as you can see even when I just try to say their names, not all that…

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