Treasures In…

Look down. Beneath the rumble of traffic, below the overgrown bridge, in the hidden underside, there is life.

Look deeper. Between the cracked paving stones and the boarded-up houses and the piled-up bins and the feet of the unforgiving crowd, there is life.

Look up. Raise your eyes from asphalt and straight white lines. Let them meet the spirit of another. There is life.

Scenes from some of my recent ‘walks’ in London. Continue reading

Early Summer: Urban Druidry…

The chill left the still air.
The land was caught between breaths.
Unseen, laughing hands took mine
and led me down,
down through lonely alleyways,
past the graveyard overgrown with hawthorn and forget-me-nots,
between the narrow, tumbledown gate-posts,
and out into a sudden shock of green,
where a yellow carpet fell among the young oaks
and butterflies and dragonflies remembered distant sunny afternoons.

From the top of the world I stood above the sparkling city
while it whispered to me old, old secrets.

But I know there are no green places left in London,
no meadows not lost to departed faery feet.
So it must have been an Otherworldly hill they took me to,
another city, just out of mundane sight
that I looked down upon. Continue reading